I'm Rusty

Lately I've been working on the face of what I'm doing...or more technically put: marketing. I'm drawing up ideas for business cards, shopping for web designers, and drafting an artist statement, which goes a little something like this:

My work exposes my cravings for beauty and thoughtful aesthetics. I aim to create something that is not influenced by my own perspective or experiences or even of people similar to me. In doing so, I am free to create a scene that does not demand a rapport with the viewer, but speaks in a more pure and instinctive way.

The idea of control and limitation is important to me in life and manifests itself within my art. With the medium I have chosen, I can achieve a mechanical complexity without being overly emotive or expressive in how I apply the ink. By limiting myself to a simple graphic element such as the circle I am exploring the act of drawing without feeling obligated to mimic or alter something I have seen. On the contrary, I can create something unique.

This process originated out of personal distress, offering a means of therapy and meditation. It evolves with me, occasionally revealing certain moods more in shapes and patterns than brush strokes or literal subject matter. I create, through suggestion, an impression of patterns and curvilinear shapes interwoven within or against one another. All of these shapes happen intuitively but exist within the overall balance of the drawing. Ultimately my goal is to intrigue the viewer, allowing his/her eye to move throughout the drawing, finding hidden designs and personal meaning within the maze of circles.

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