A little something about "Felicity" and "Gravity"

“Felicity” is about self-examination and image. In these four arrangements, the shapes refuse to follow a specific pattern or direction, and reflect the way we organize, identify with, or reject the varying lifestyles with which we are bombarded as a young adult and even continually so throughout our lives. The arrangements speak of a life abounding with beautiful opportunities and dead ends, cultural customs and independent thought, routine and spontaneity.

“Gravity” is about fully embracing someone or something. It is someone close to us or it is an idea that has led us in a positive direction. Confidently, these images speak in vivid colors and curvilinear shapes and patterns, projecting a weightlessness and clarity that comes from accomplishment, a richer perspective, or the unparalleled value of new love.

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  1. Phil these are amazing! I love your work, I'm bummed i didn't get to make it to your first Friday displays! I love all the designs and how different they are. The bright colors are definitely my favorite. I hope you get a chance to display your art again... Can't wait to see what else you'll have in the future!

    ~MoNiCa.... American Male