So. This week has been pretty fun, but also so full of work and stress. In addition to completely despising my serving job, I've had to deal with the horrible luck that led me to be selected for jury duty on the days of setup and First Friday. Luckily I weaseled my weaselly self out of that one. But later, when I look back, I can shake my head and just remember this week in a fonder perspective. Despite some tardiness on the framer's end, the show should be ready tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous. I'm excited for obvious reasons. I'm nervous because I keep picturing one of my pieces falling off of one of the peg boards and stabbing someone's skull. If you saw how I had to hang the pictures you'd understand my fear. I hope to get some pictures of the show. Also, I've been working on my website so if you've never checked it out go to or click on the link on the side of my blog.

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