Thinking More

When I was in college, during a rough spot in my life, I would lay on the floor with a large white sheet of matting stock and just draw circles. I would configure variations of the circle-little/small-dense/hallow-groupings/tangents-geometric/curvilinear-and the list goes on. I think that is the point where what I put on paper or any medium started to mean something to me. I don't want to get into my past, but I do want to shed a little light on why I chose to draw circles as opposed to something with a clear subject matter. It sustained me and sparked a different version of curiosity towards what I could create.
I've spent the last two months thinking and laboring in my mind and on paper about what I can make that will reflect what I am right now. These are some of the questions that are important for me to answer as I move towards a more approachable series: Is it relatable? Does the subject or objects in the image alienate the viewer or do they create a bond? Is it understandable? Is the subject matter too complex or too generic? Is it relevant? Does the image-subject,medium,materials,style-possess a unity? And do they also possess a clear purpose or belonging? The resulting images will be those that can positively answer any of these questions.

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