One part about being an independent artist that I'm still getting used to is promoting yourself or rather what you make. As an artist who is just beginning his career, I can say it is something I am realizing is almost as important as making the art itself. Because no matter how much I love making art and each piece that results, I don't want to end up with rooms full of my own work. I want people to see them and find things about them that they love and yes, own them. With that being said, I just thought I'd take a short post and tell you about my Etsy site. Etsy is a great site geared towards indie artists and craftspeople. You'll find some of the most amazing, unique pieces from around the U.S. and the world made by indie shop owners, such as myself :) I've personally found some great items and art for my own apartment, for example, awesome fridge magnets made out of vintage wallpaper patterns, great tan and cream throw pillows for my couch, and a print from a great abstract artist, Yellena James. To me, it's a lot better to find a well-designed, one of a kind item made by a real person rather than wasting gas and time driving to a place like Pier 1 or dare I say...the mall. So if you're seeing my point and have never heard of Etsy you should definitely check it out and please stop by my shop while you're Thanks for reading.

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