A trip to the art store

So I was out in Lancaster today, which by the way seems to be under construction on every single block, and I mailed a print to my first Canadian customer and then stopped by the Art Store on King Street. I don't know if you have a place where you go in and literally want to buy everything. Well this store is that place to me because I not only need most everything in there, I want everything I don't need in there too.

I stopped by to pick up some wood panels to continue a botany series based off the "Fields of Summer" piece, and picked up some other things as well. Some of those things being pre-cut mat board in various colors and paint pens. In the spare time I had left over from running errands and keeping my dog from complete boredom, I managed to do this 8"x10" drawing with a white paint pen on a faded teal mat board. It was definitely a learning experience as the pen was about as high maintenance as my bulldog. To get an opaque, even finish I had to continually shake the paint inside the pen and apply two coats to every single circle.

The reason I wanted to test these out is because I love original art that has subtle texture and variation, and if I were to go for this type of format-lighter ink drawing on darker background-I wouldn't want it to look cheapened by just plotting in flat color with a computer. I wanted to try it by hand first, and see what would work and what wouldn't. So for now I'm on the fence with paint pens, but I'm glad I tried something new :)

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