I'm obsessed with graphic pattern, and even though I want to do a series of more loose and gestural paintings, I'm continually drawn to exploring patterns and positive/negative space relationships. I'm also transitioning from doing smaller, inexpensive pieces to more complex, larger pieces that will take more of my time.

This whole business is a gamble because I'm not yet at a point where I'm free to do whatever I want without feeling the worry of have a big enough body of work that is sellable. It's awkward to view art and any other creative field as a business, but it is just like anything else. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and keep that business perspective in mind, especially when you're just starting out.

These are two small drawings. The left is a drawing that will be mirrored to become a completely symmetrical design much like the image below, and the right is a study of a girl with interesting knotted braids for hair. It looks nice with just the juxtaposition of the intricate hair against the stark white of her body, but my plan for this is to develop a conglomerate of patterns.

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