I post a lot of images as I'm working on them and try to keep this blog just primarily my work, finished or not. But I'm a normal person, and have to share some of my life as well. This is my crazy adorable puppy, Sugar. She's a 7 month old English Bulldog who would probably trade me for food any day, but that's OK. I still love her. So I thought I'd just share that this is a face I see very often as I try to work out of my home. In her mind, she's probably thinking I'm insane for not wanting to play and wrestle all day, and I can't blame her. In reality, I would rather be doing that. I mean I love making, but come on, it's great to be a kid and only have to worry about eating, napping, and playing.

It is honestly really hard to get anything done with her, and I have a new appreciation for those with kids. Like, how is it even possible to get anything done?? As I'm getting older and closer to that day, I'm realizing what real responsibility is. All I can say is wow, and hats off to those who have done it and my friends who have little kiddies of their own.

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