Self Portrait Study

In addition to the 30 nearly finished pieces I have tucked away, I'm starting work today on a self portrait. It will be similar to "The Young Bride" in style and medium. The theme of this piece deals with suffering and I think that might be why it resembles when Hans Solo was frozen in carbonite :). It refers to the healthy limitations or hurdles we place for ourselves in order to achieve something. For me, this is a reflection on my decision to stop smoking and drinking a year and a half ago and to also give up certain comforts to pursue this thing called art. I'll be posting the pictures as I progress so check back. The piece is 9"x12". Leave some love(or hate) and comment.
Things I learned(and/or remembered): There is a limit to how dry and how many layers you can apply with watercolor/If you're using a sketch to set the proportions etc. to your watercolor, make sure your proportions are right

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