Circle Vision

I've already posted this drawing in the "Sketchbook Blitz" post, but I wanted to revisit it because of what it stands for. For me, I've always loved how a piece of art, or anything hanging on the wall for that matter, lends itself to the overall design of an interior space. It doesn't have to be an artist's installation or anything dramatic for me to be really affected by it, but it does have to seem a part of that space. That's why, at least in this point in my life, I am more affected by shapes and colors than a blatant subject matter. I don't necessarily want to see or even produce a piece that will "distract" from an interior in any way. I want to make something that will quietly but profoundly provide a dynamic otherwise missing. I'm not saying this drawing does that, but it does represent my urge to build onto a style to which I've been acclimated. At this point, I believe that place I wanted to move to is larger and literal, and I can't wait to start on a bigger idea.

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