Color and Composition Study 1

I'm at a point, as I've stated in my "Circle Vision" post, where I want to use this sort of circle "template" or "design" to make up something. There are two such avenues that come to my mind. One is something like in this image and in Circle Vision that just composes clear-cut biomorphic shapes inside a larger composition, adding visual interest juxtaposed against simple flat areas of color. I did enjoy doing these studies and what resulted from them, but in a way I was left with a dead end, feeling more like cutting and pasting rather than evolving. That leads me to the other avenue. I'm going to return to larger scale work and also to a subject, but done with circles. Basically, I will be pursuing drawings that resemble something like an intricate mosaic or a less-random pointillist style. I like this idea because it seems very challenging, and that is usually the way to go in just about anything.

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