The Process

I enjoy seeing a person's process of creating something so I thought I'd share that with you. I was under some time constraints when I did this piece so I was pretty much painting around the clock. The person who asked me to do this wanted it to be a small poster resembling a music or festival poster measuring 11"x14".

I first just did a half size sketch with pencil and plotted out a pretty good idea of what I wanted dealing with the composition, content, and subject matter. Then I just sketched the final image on a heavy stock watercolor paper. I usually like to work evenly across the entire picture plain, building up dark and light values as I go, but this was a little different. I started at the top actually and worked my way down. From there I just built up layers of color until I got the depth I was looking for. A couple days of nothing but painting and NPR, and there you have it. Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my process!

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