More Than A Picture

Sometimes I think pictures are just pictures... just nice things for us to look at. But ultimately there is an underlying significance to art or what people create. Just like words, they help us communicate and express emotions, traditions, memories, and so on. 

These are one of those pieces that make me think pictures are more than just pictures. This piece commemorates a person's life, a man who has been putting up a tremendous fight for his health over the last several years. His best friend asked me to do this piece, to show him at his healthiest beside his motorcycle (them both owning Harleys). He sits at the roots of a tree, symbolizing his impact on the people around him now and for years to come. The title Capapalooza is an event, which his friend is holding in his honor and to help raise money for his family's medical bills. This limited edition poster will be sold for that purpose. 

I was fortunate to do this piece for so many reasons, but mostly because it will help in some small way. I was also challenged, had fun, and learned from working on it. I hope you enjoy the result and the story behind this picture. (For those curious, this piece is an 11"x14" watercolor.)

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