I was talking to a friend the other day, who also writes music, and we were discussing how sometimes you have a melody or an idea for a song that just sticks with you until you use it. Until you express a certain idea by whatever means, whether it be by music, or art or anything, it is with you in the back of your mind. This series of using circles to explore the elements of Gestalt and just simply to experiment is like that. I have all these ideas for what surfaces and objects it can be applied to it, and I just have to explore it.

I'd like to see these circle designs on all kinds of textiles like T-shirts, tanks, pillow cases, and really anything appropriate. But first things first. I drew two original designs to use on T-shirts and tanks. To enhance the drawing itself and to make the clothing more original, I'm going to be using DayGlo and Glow in the Dark inks. So in some cases, while you're outside, the crazy circle design on your shirt will just pop out and blind everybody. Don't worry. People will be mad at first, but it'll make you more friends in the long run. Others will be printed white on white so while you're on the street it just looks like an embossed white design, but when you step up in the club with black lights, the design will pop out off your shirt. This will also make you friends :)

The pictures above are just a small teaser of what the first design will look like. The top picture being the original design itself, the second being what a reverse image would look like, and the third is obviously the design in some color. I hope you like what you see so far.

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